Guarding Your Inbox: Steering Clear of 150 Spam Words for Effective Email Delivery

Dec 13, 2023

How to avoid the spam box

Cold emails serve as a valuable tool for connecting with your target audience, creating business opportunities, and ultimately boosting revenue. However, the key to success lies in ensuring that your carefully crafted emails land in your prospects' inboxes.

Spam words, often associated with unwanted bulk emails, can act as roadblocks, diverting your emails straight into the spam folder. In this article, we provide a comprehensive list of 150 spam trigger words to avoid, ensuring that your emails reach your prospects' inboxes and open doors to new business opportunities.

The Impact of Spam Words

Spam words, those seemingly harmless terms or phrases, can significantly hamper the deliverability of your cold emails. When these words trigger spam filters, your emails may end up in the spam folder, rendering your carefully crafted messages unread and unresponsive.

The Notorious List of 150 Spam Words to Avoid

The following are all words you should avoid at all cost if you want to improve your email's deliverability.

Phrases Involving Money Benefits or Offers:

  • 100% more

  • Bargain

  • Beneficiary

  • Best price

  • Big bucks

  • Cash

  • Cheap

  • Check

  • Claims

  • Collect

  • Compare rates

  • Cost

  • Credit

  • Earn

  • Easy terms

  • Fast cash

  • Financial freedom

  • Giving away

  • Incredible deal

  • One hundred percent free

Phrases with the Word "Free":

  • Free

  • Free download

  • Free access

  • Free items

  • Free consultation

  • Free gifts

  • Free cash

  • Free money

  • Free hosting

  • Free installation

  • Free instantly

  • Free investment offer

  • Free leads

  • Free membership offer

  • Free priority mail

Phrases Involving Fast Earning:

  • Best deal

  • Buy

  • Earn

  • Extra

  • Lifetime

  • Lowest

  • Money back

  • Purchase

  • Quote

  • Rates

  • Refund

  • Risk

  • Risk-free

  • Sale(s)

  • Save

Phrases Creating a False Sense of Urgency:

  • Act now

  • Apply now

  • Call now

  • Click below

  • Don't delete

  • Please read

  • Order now

  • Limited number

  • Limited offer

  • Limited supply

Phrases with the Word "No":

  • No catch

  • No cost

  • No credit check

  • No fees

  • No gimmick

  • No hidden costs

  • No hidden fees

  • No interest

  • No investment

  • No obligation

  • No purchase necessary

  • No questions asked

  • No strings attached

  • No better offer

  • No age restrictions

Marketing & Sales Jargon:

  • Marketing

  • Marketing solution(s)

  • Online Marketing

  • Opt-in

  • Performance

  • Remove

  • Request

  • Search engine

  • Sent in compliance

  • Special

  • Subject to

  • Subscribe

  • Terms and conditions

  • Trial

  • Unlimited

  • Unsubscribe

  • Vacation

  • Warranty

  • Web traffic

  • Auto email removal

  • Bulk email

  • Click

  • Click below

  • Click here

  • Click to remove

Phrases with Too Many Numbers:

  • #1

  • 100% free

  • 100% satisfied

  • 50% off

  • Billion

  • Billion dollars

  • Join millions

  • Join millions of Americans

  • Million

  • One hundred percent guaranteed

  • Thousands

Phrases in All-Caps, Extreme Punctuation, or Generic Email Greetings:

  • !!!!

  • ????


  • Dear [email/friend/somebody]

  • The key takeaways

Miscellaneous Spam Words:

  • Opportunity

  • Cash

  • Quote

  • Cents on the dollar

  • Cheap

  • Double your

  • Income from home

  • Join millions

  • Lose

  • Multi-level marketing

  • Not spam

  • Prize

  • Promise

  • Remove

  • Reverses aging

  • Satisfaction

  • This isn't a scam

  • This isn't junk

  • Urgent

  • Winner

  • Winning

  • Work at home

  • Multi-level marketing

  • No catch

  • No cost

  • No credit

  • No hidden

  • No interest

  • Obligation

  • Offshore

  • Performance

  • Reverses

  • While you sleep

How to Ensure Email Delivery Success

Understanding the impact of spam words is crucial, but equally important is knowing how to navigate around them. Here are three tips to enhance your email deliverability:

  • Warm Up Your Email Account: Gradually increase the volume of emails sent from your account to establish credibility and avoid being flagged as spam.

  • Hyperlink Text Instead of Using Shorteners: Utilize hyperlinks within your text rather than relying on link shorteners, which are often associated with spam.

  • Regularly Check Your Sender Reputation: Keep a close eye on your sender reputation to identify and rectify any issues promptly. A poor reputation score can lead to blocked emails or spam placement.

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